Pellet Extruder – Free Filament – Filament Maker

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Filament Maker – Pellet Extruder – Free Filament

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With this machine, you can make filament from pellet material.

!!The machine does not require expertise, as it is already assembled, you only need to screw the parts onto an MDF board according to the instructions!!

!!We can make filament from any material that does not exceed an extrusion temperature of 350°C. The thermostat can heat up to 500°C, but the heating element can only heat up to a maximum of 350°C!!

You just have to screw it onto an MDF sheet, which is described in the assembly instructions, and you can start making filament.

The set includes:

– Pellet extruder
– Heating block
– Nozzle
– Electric box
– and the winch system that winds up the filament.

Additional information

Weight 4,8 kg
Dimensions 60 × 40 × 20 cm


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